Ghostface Killah Biography & Life Story

Ghostface Killah Biography & Life StoryDennis Coles Aka Ghostface Killah is the most prominent and much preferred rap star. Read complete Ghostface Killah Biography & Life Story and explore in detail about this Ghostface Killah American Rapper’s Career & More. He was born on 9th may in year 1970 and belongs to New York. Earlier when he was first famous, he was working with the hip hop crew Wu-Tang Clan in late 1990s.

 ‘Dennis Coles’ well known rapper and recognized with his stage name “Ghostface Killah” with his unique lyrics and soulful tracks and sound actually made him one of the great rap icons of his day. Yes! After great success with the group, Ghostface was able to break out into a successful solo career, releasing multiple hit records and developing a massive following.

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Ghostface Killah Biography; As one of the original members of the seminal ’90s rap crew the Wu-Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah (aka Tony Starks) He soon began making guest appearances on albums, and in 1995 he appeared on fellow group member Raekwon’s solo album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx a move that proved to fortify the platform for his own solo debut.

In 1993, Ghostface made his debut on the music scene with Wu-Tang Clans and this project was a great reason for him to gain respect in the rap world and begin together with other artists. Produced by the RZA, the record was very successful in the underground circuit, as well as in the mainstream, debuting in second place on the pop charts.

Ghostface Killah Biography & Life Story

Active1990s – 2010s
BornMay 9, 1970 in Staten Island, NY
StylesEast Coast Rap Hardcore Rap
Also Known AsDennis Coles
Member OfWu-Tang Clan The odore Unit DOOM STARKS

More From Ghostface Killah Biography & Life Story; In 1996, the year Ghostface was diagnosed with diabetes, he released his first solo album,Ironman. Work with the Wu-Tang Clan kept Ghostface busy, but didnt prevent him from releasing his second solo album, Supreme Clientele, in 2000. This second record was again loved by both hip hop enthusiasts and mainstream critics alike. The album included his most successful radio hit, “Cherchez La Ghost,” and earned a spot on VIBE magazines top 10 albums of all time.

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Ghostface released his number 5th album Fishscale in the year 2006 and it made a strong debut at number 4 on the US Billboard 200 as well as placing number 2 on the R&B Charts. Ghostface continues to make music both on his own and with the Wu-Tang Clan. The group released their most recent album, 8 Diagrams, in December 2007.

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