Funniest Prank Call Ideas For Friends To Burst You Into Laughter

Funniest Prank Call Ideas For Friends To Burst You Into LaughterIf you want to spend some good and quality time with your friends with the funny prank call ideas. Here are the Funniest Prank Call Ideas for friends to burst you into Laughter. What is that thing which is always funny when happening to others and when it happens with you it’s not all that funny? That is Pranks. Whenever you are feeling bored of little down prank call is the right activity you are looking for.

Be warned and make sure to whom you are calling to friends or strangers. Friends may take it as a light joke but if you are caught up with the strangers you might get in a trouble. Before you are ready to call make sure to prepare your mindset that how you are going to prank further in a changed voice or something other so that your prank make a sense and are believable. Here are the new and best prank ideas through which you can become a master prankster.

Funniest Prank Call Ideas for friends to burst you into Laughter

                                  Points To Remember To Make Your Prank Call The Funniest Prank Call

  • Make sure your number is not registered on truecaller or any other call finding app.
  • Make your number appear private
  • Prepare in mind what you are going to talk if something goes unexpected.
  • If you are calling to a known do change your voice.
  • Whatever you are going to do and to whoever you are going to call do not laugh as the other person will straight away got to know that it is a prank.

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Funniest Prank Call Ideas

#1. The Dominos Misunderstanding

It is the best kind of prank call that we just tried. Call the Dominos and ask for the contact number of the nearest pizza store. Does not start like this to avoid an immediate call hang up, start with the description of the other food varieties that they do not offer. Try this prank and surely you will die laughing.

 The Dominos Misunderstanding

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#2. Which Subway?

This confusion will be the funniest and everlasting confusion till one of them name changes.

Yes we are talking about confusion between Subway food outlet and subway (Train). The prank is easy and simple find out the nearest Subway food number. Call and tell them that you are trapped in the train and it seems we have met with an accident and the lights of the Subway have also gone. Please do something fast.

Then be ready for their reply and surely you can’t stop your laugh.

Which Subway?

#3. Congrats! We are Pregnant

This one is surely going to be the next level prank. This might seem to be funny, shocking or heated one. Make sure that you can make a nice voice of a girl. Find out some random number and then continue happily “Hey congratulations I have to tell you something … I am pregnant and it’s yours. Surely the guy will need some ice cubes.

Congrats! We are Pregnant

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#4. ‘Burger King’ Bring Me Some Toilet Paper

Call a random Food outlet like Burger King and tell them “that you are stuck in their washroom and are unable to find any toilet paper here, Demand them to bring the toilet paper by saying you know my Burger and Fries are waiting and suffering because of that Toilet Paper. Surely there is going to be a Great Hustle Bustle among the staff. This prank is going to be Epic.

‘Burger King’ Bring Me Some Toilet Paper

#5. Is Your Refrigerator Running

The person to whom you are going to call will surely get mad laughing after hearing this joke.

Dial a random number and ask them if their refrigerator is running? Wait for the response and when they will answer ‘yes’ respond quickly “So jerk! Why are you talking to me Hurry up and catch it before it runs away. The person is surely goanna be in a shock.

Is Your Refrigerator Running

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#6. Butchers Pig Feet!

You will die laughing after just reading this prank. Just call to the3 nearest Butcher shop and ask them- Do you have a Pig Feet. When the replies come ‘Yes’ tell that person ‘wear your shoes fast so that no one will notice. Then Hang up if you don’t want your ears to fall down by hearing abuses. Lol !!!

Butchers Pig Feet!

#7. Newly Launched Sandpaper-Toilet paper!

Make yourself a salesman and think of marketing and selling of some Unusual Product like New Technology Sandpaper Toilet Paper. Call to the friend or any random number and ask the person do they want to buy their newly launched Sandpaper- Toilet paper which consists of anti-bacterial technology and cleans the best. Surely the persons reaction will be EWWWW Whaaat? Are you Serious? Hang up the phone then and let the person feel the burning effects.

Newly Launched Sandpaper-Toilet paper!

So guys pick up your phones and start pranking. Do not forget to share your prank experiences in the comments section. So start pranking and make yourself and other laugh.

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