Top 10 Best Fastest Aircrafts in the World

Top 10 Best Fastest Aircrafts in the WorldGlobalization has changed the connection between different countries but still the fear of war always remains there. If you are searching for Top 10 Best Fastest Aircrafts in the World then this is the right page you are on. Humans invented these fighting jets to secure wide area of land against the attacks from different countries. These Supersonic Jets have surpassed the speed of sound and some of them are used in Military force to trace and inspect the danger before. To deliver bombs, permeate different territories etc. these fastest Planes have given a new era to fight against these territory attacks. With an advance technology and science along with new ideas engineers have designed the best fastest Aircrafts. Have a look on the Supersonic Jets & Planes List given below.

Top 10 Best Fastest Aircrafts in the World

#1. North American X-15

The North American X-15 has attained a first position in the list of Best Fastest Aircrafts in the World. It is a hypersonic rocket-powered aircraft developed by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). It is the high speed Rocket powered Aircraft with a top speed of 7,274 km/h.

Top speed7,274 km/h
Range450 km
Introduced17 September 1959
RetiredDecember 1968
Weight6,620 kg
Engine typeRocket engine
First flightJune 8, 1959

#2. Lockheed YF-12

The Lockheed YF-12 is an American prototype interceptor aircraft operated by the United States Air Force. This is considered as one of the fastest Aircraft and deserves to be I the list of Top 10. We have listed its features in the below given table. Have a look.

Top speed3,661 km/h
Range4,800 km
Wingspan17 m
Weight27,600 kg
Unit cost15,000,000–18,000,000 USD (1963)
Engine typePratt & Whitney J58
First flightAugust 7, 1963


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#3. MiG-25

MiG-25, also known as Mikoyan-Gurevich is a reconnaissance aircraft & supersonic interceptor that was one of the fastest military aircraft to enter service. Apart from being the fastest aircraft it has a good amount of firepower.

Length20 m
Weight20,000 kg
Wingspan14 m
Engine typeTurbojet
DesignerMikhail Gurevich


#4. Lockheed SR-71 Black Bird

The Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird” is another fastest/Supersonic planes that is used for the military observation of a region to locate an enemy or ascertain strategic features and was operated by the United States Air Force.

Top speed3,540 km/h
Length33 m
Wingspan17 m
Engine typePratt & Whitney J58
Unit cost33,000,000–33,000,000 USD (1966)


#5. Bell X-2 Starbuster

The Bell X-2 was an X-plane that is build with characteristics to research and investigate supersonic flight at high speeds and altitudes. Due to its unique features it is consider as one of the best Aircraft in the world and it has a high speed up to 3,370 km/h. The rest details are shared below.

Top speed3,370 km/h
Wingspan9.8 m
Weight5,600 kg
Length12 m
Engine typeRocket engine
ManufacturerBell Aircraft
Number of seats1


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#6. XB-70 Valkyrie

XB-70 Valkyrie was the sample of the B-70 nuclear-armed that was powered by Six Engines. It was designed to reach three times the speed of sound and to scape a nuclear blast. This Supersonic Jet makes our top 10 list complete as it one of the high speed Aircraft.

Top speed3,309 km/h
Length58 m
Range6,900 km
Wingspan32 m
Unit cost750,000,000–750,000,000 USD
ManufacturerNorth American Aviation
Engine typesTurbojet, General Electric YJ93


#7. Mikoyan MiG-31

Mikoyan MiG-31 is another supersonic interceptor aircraft that is developed to help in Soviet Air Forces. This aircraft is the replacement of MiG-25 “Foxbat” and it is Designed by Mikoyan design bureau.

Top speed3,000 km/h
Cruise speed2,499 km/h
Length23 m
Weight21,820 kg
Wingspan13 m
Engine typesSoloviev D-30, Turbofan


#8. McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

The McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle is a twin-Engine multi-role air-superiority jet fighter that is designed in such a way that it can fight with all weather conditions. This fastest plane was designed by McDonnell Douglas to maintain air supremacy in aerial combat. This is the best and improved Aircraft as compare to others.

Speed3,017 km/h
Length19 m
Wingspan13 m
Introduced9 January 1976
Unit cost28,000,000–30,000,000 USD (1998)
Engine typePratt & Whitney F100
ManufacturersMcDonnell Douglas, Boeing Defense, Space & Security


#9. General Dynamics F-111

General Dynamics F-111 has played different roles in its various versions. It has ability of supersonic speed and is the fastest aircraft. The length of this plane is 22m and was introduced in 1967.

Length22 m
Wingspan9.75 m
Weight21,400 kg
Introduced18 July 1967
ManufacturerGeneral Dynamics
Engine typesPratt & Whitney TF30, Turbofan


#10. Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker

The Sukhoi Su-27 is another Russian twin-engine Supersonic aircraft Fighter that was designed by Sukhoi in 1985. It has a high speed of 2,500 km/h and the main role of this aircraft is for long range air defense.

Top speed2,500 km/h
Range3,530 km
Length22 m
Cruise speed1,350 km/h
Wingspan15 m
Unit cost30,000,000–30,000,000 USD
Engine typesSaturn AL-31, Turbofan

We have listed above the top 10 Supersonic Jets & Planes list. By going through this article you can get lots of knowledge about the Best Fastest Aircrafts in the World. Do give your feedback in the comment box below.

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