Emma Stone Tattoos

Emma Stone TattoosSexy tomboy! Emma Stone, in actual has a story behind her wrist tattoo… wait? Don’t you know she’s having Wrist Tattoo Designs?  Check out, Emma Stone Tattoos, It’s Meaning, Images, etc. She got this Wrist Tattoo for her mother, who had just successfully battled cancer. And the tattoo is of a blackbird’s footprint, both as homage to her and her moms’ favorite Beatles song, and because of how unique they are.

The 21-year-old beauty Emma Stone asked the Beatles star to draw two little bird feet, as she’s inspired by his song ‘Blackbird’, which is Stone and her mother’s favorite song…. Isn’t lovely?????

Emma Stone Tattoos

Here on this picture of Emma Stone and her mother you can see the two little tattoos showing branch like bird feet designs on her wrist and mother’s wrist too.

The simple and subtle birds feet tattooed on Emma’s wrist giving beautifully her quiet and elegant personality.  One small line with three little lines branching out make up the tiny tattoo Emma Stone shows in this picture. Every tattoo tells a magic story about the person who chose the design for themselves, and some stories are truly the kind that warms one’s heart.

Meaning of Emma Stone Tattoos; like others who get tattoos to celebrate a special landmark or memory, Emma an American too has a deep connection with her tattoo. She’s having a paired tattoo design on her inner left wrist. But this tiny pair of tattoos has an amazing history about a beautiful friendship.

Below Emma’s picture show her hand and that the small black lines on her wrist is visible…. This Emma Stone Tattoo was designed by the Beatles legend, Paul McCartney. The bird feet are made with one long line and three tiny lines branching out on top. She is not really much into body art, but this one tattoo of hers is really special.

The reason for the birds feet is a magical song of Paul McCartney… she have this tattoo and her mother too got a matching tattoo, showing the lovely bond between her mother and the young Emma on above picture….

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