Demonetization Affecting Christmas (25 Dec)

Demonetization Affecting Christmas (25 Dec)This time it is hard to sense the festivity of Christmas in India. The joy of its coming was always palpable even before it actually comes. The major reason being is Demonetization Affecting Christmas (25 DEC) at a stark level. Needless to say that Christianity is third largest and important community among us Indians contributing 2.52% which is of the entire ever increasing population.

So what our PM Modi will do for the Christians who are an integral part of India. Will they bear brunt of Demonetization? Will their celebration end up at the long queues of ATMs just like what has happened all these days or PM Modi will be a helping hand to Christians in this Demonetization Panic.

Christmas followed by the New Year’s Eve will lose all its sheen as people will be having little or no money. People have to plan their finances properly in the wake of severe cash crunch. Unlike before, a majority of Indians and Indians Christians will be on a cost-cutting measure and may not be coming out and party hard on December 25th December and 31st December where thousands of crores are spent on a single night across the country every year.

Demonetization Affecting Christmas (25 Dec)

                  What All Things Christians Do On Christmas And Why It Is Going To Be Difficult This Time?

Everybody knows that Christmas is the time for gift giving and full enjoyment. Children who sent their letters to Santa Claus are anxiously waiting for Christmas Day to arrive so they can run down to the Christmas tree and open all their presents. Another common way to cherish the holiday season is by engaging in gift exchanges during Christmas. Children are not the only ones that get to have fun by unwrapping the gifts to find their favorite toys. There are many things that Christians do on the eve.

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Demonetization Affecting Christmas (25 Dec)

The dilemma of celebrating a great Christmas is hovering around the head of the family member. He is unsure whether he/she will be able to shell the same amount of money or not. Demonetization has hindered the mood of the festivity and thinking that government will help them seems like a distant dream.

Christmas Activities That Demands Cash

  • Going and shopping from Christmas markets in chilly winds.
  • Decoration of Beautiful Christmas lights.
  • Decorating a snow tree.
  • Building a snow man.
  • Christmas Shows.
  • Beer, Wine Cocktails and Music.
  • Fully Booked Party Halls and Lounges.
  • Christmas cakes and cookies.

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Demonetization Affecting Christmas

Cashless Alternatives to Beat Demonetization in Christmas

Where there is a will there is a way. Cursing it will not be able to help in celebrating the most important festival rather it will ruin it. So it is better to adopt some other ways like shopping online for Christmas gifts, decoration items, food items. Each and everything is available on online shopping portals. You just have to follow these simple steps if you want to celebrate the Christmas same as ever before.

  • Set A Budget
  • Prepare A List Of People For Whom You Want To Buy The Gifts.
  • Hunt For A Christmas Sale.
  • Internet Shopping From The Portal Which Is Most Feasible To You.

Demonetization Affecting Christmas (25 Dec)

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The Best Places and Online Shopping Portals To Shop For Christmas

Given below are the best online shopping portals where you can find from needle to an aeroplane and from all accept debit/credit cards and can avail maximum discount on the bumper sale Christmas offers. You can also avail the benefit of latest cashless payment technology initiated by paytm.

Portal Name Items To Shop
www.snapdeal.comEach and every shopping item
www.flipkat.comEach and every shopping item and every shopping item
PaytmEach and every shopping item
GrofersDaily needs
Big BasketDaily need food items
FoodpandaFood items from your favorite restaurant at your doorstep.

Demonetization Affecting Christmas (25 Dec)

So Be Happy!
Enjoy Christmas With Friends & Relatives!!

Merry X-Mas!!!


Don’t be disheartened. This Cashless Tactics may not seem fascinating right now but they will surely bring the best out of this Christmas. No Cash Hassle, purchasing Christmas stuff online; this is other side of the Christmas Eve that you should explore. India is going Cashless. Let’s make this Christmas Cashless too

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