Daily Pain of Common Man after Currency Jolt

Daily Pain of Common Man after Currency JoltWe all have been affected in some or the other way of PM Modi’s overnight decision of banning 500 And 1000 Rupee Notes. Of course, Daily Pain of Common Man after Currency Jolt was bound to happen. The common man is struggling for his daily bread but despite all these hardships, almost everyone; sans the partisan people, is Supportive of our PM Modi. It’s clearly obvious Prime minister has taken this drastic step to vanquish the black money and the illegal money lords, amassing Rs.1.25 lakh crore black money. His decision is very well taken but it has badly affected the common man.

Now the common man is suffering due to this Currency Jolt, they don’t have money for daily use. Believe it or not but the 40 minute speech of PM Modi on 8 November 2016 will create history as it is the boldest move by the Government of India which has received mixed reaction by the commoners. Some are happy that it is the first step to end corruption and black money market and some are showing their anger.

Daily Pain of Common Man after Currency Jolt

Some Common Problems Faced By Commoners On 500 and 1000 Rupee Notes Banned in India

The biggest suffering is for the Fathers who want to do transactions for his daughters wedding but due to Government decision they are facing the bad time of their life which should be their happiest moment. Banning of 500 and 1000 Rupee Notes somehow spoiled the wedding.

The owners of the consumer perishable stock like vegetable vendors, local grocers, milk and fruit sellers will face huge trouble. As they have to stop accepting Rs 500 notes.

Medical care is also suffering as according to the scheme; government hospitals would accept 500 and 1000 notes. But many of the government hospitals are asking to buy medicines from outside. Also here the question arises that over 80% of healthcare is private hospitals and nursing homes. How do they provide for critical care and surgeries?

Currency Jolt

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Also we don’t have to forget about those people who don’t have bank account, what will they do now. Not to forget that not more than 10 percent of Indian population know ‘how to operate an ATM’. Thus, there will be huge queues in the banks and people (including daily wage workers) will have to apply leave to stand in those long queues.

And what about the tourists, what will they do? Do tourists need to queue up outside banks, changing Rs 4,000 at a time whenever the banks get new currency stocks and open again?

But because of the suffering of common man PM Modi also releases some statements which are somehow working as a relief for them.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Statements on His Decision for banning 500 and 1000 Rupee Notes in India for the Common Man

With his voice choked and he struggled to contain his emotions Modi said “I left my home and everything for the country. Whatever I have done, I have done with complete honesty and for the benefit of the people”.

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“I also feel the pain but bear it till December 30 to straighten things. After that, I’m ready to face any punishment meted out by the people in any square,” Modi said after laying the foundation for a new international airport at Mopa in Goa.

He also said it was part of the people’s fight against “Corrupt Numbering Just A Few Lakhs”.

Problem’s Facing By People’s

In Banks


At Petrol Pumps

Petrol Pumps



Fun Time For People


Politics Is Alway’s There


But People Are Happy…

They Are With The Prime Minister & Against Corruption…


Modi Rock’ssss!!!

People Having Black Money Are In Shock…!!!!


PM “Common People Are Alway’s With You”!!! 

Narendra Modi

He also claims that the scheme had received massive support and people were gladly putting up with hardship.

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