8 Budget Friendly & Different Wearing Style Tips for Girls

8 Budget Friendly Different Wearing Style Tips For GirlsGirls and their trending dressing styles are the two words that move together. Each and every girl wants to wear designer clothes with latest fashion. Sometimes our pockets have low balance to wear the trendy and expensive clothes but because of that why your wardrobe has to suffer. Just go through the tips we bought for you i.e. 8 Budget Friendly & Different Wearing Style Tips for Girls.

Do you know how to make your cheaper bags look expensive one??  How to look luxe?? Do you know which type of pumps look the most expensive (but aren’t)??… I think a big NO. Just go through this page and read it.

8 Budget Friendly & Different Wearing Style Tips for Girls

#1. Replace cheap plastic buttons on a coat or blazer to make it look more expensive

When you buy from the market that is not too expensive, the material on that clothes is cheap but you can make it look expensive. Take an example of coat, the buttons on it attracts the most. Just replace that cheap plastic buttons and your blazer will look more expensive.How to make clothes look expensive

Opt for a simple bag without too much hardware

It is hard to get inexpensive items with Royal look but is not impossible. Buy a bag that do not have many chains, opt for a simple and remove the metal chain provided to it. As bag grace our beauty and brightens our wearing style. By doing this your bag will give royal look.

Opt a Simple Bag

Lower-priced pumps look more posh in faux suede than faux leather

Remember when you are buying sandals at cheap rate, don’t go for faux leather. Buy faux suede pumps as it looks more expensive and posh as compared to faux leather. Footwear is the most important part of your dressing style. So, just don’t compromise in it.Sandals

Go monochrome

This is the best way to express your clothes to be the most expensive one and with awesome & trendy looks.  A monochrome outfit is the easiest way to look luxurious. Whether it may be black, white or blue. No need to make contrast just go with one color outfit and see your look.

Opt a Single Colour

Put your scarves to use

Girls mostly have a collection of various scarves. Scarves can be used in various ways to make your wearing more attractive and beautiful. Tie scarf on your wrist or tie it in your sling bag, around your neck or as a belt.

If i Only Had a Scarf

Try camel color clothes

Camel color is easily available and at reasonable price i.e. budget friendly, as everything looks more expensive in camel and is the trending color of spring.

Camel Color Clothes

#7. Keep fabric in mind. Tweed, cotton, and linen often look expensive, even if they’re not

Try to buy clothes that are of cotton, linen and tweed as they are not expensive but often look expensive. Fabric is the main base of clothes.

Look Stylish

#8. Go with dainty/small jewelry

Jewelries are mostly costly and is also important part of girl’s wearing. Don’t worry if you have tight budget then there is an option to wear small and simple jewelry whether real or fake, as it look expensive than that of bulky jewelry.

Keep Straight Hair With Highlights

By following these tips girls can find a big change in their dressing style and are not too expensive, it can be within your budget also… just go through it!!


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