Bohemia Punjabi Rapper Biography

Bohemia Punjabi Rapper BiographyPunjabi rap and a PIONEER of Desi-Hip-Hop “Bohemia” is a Pakistani-American Punjabi Rapper. Here’s an exclusive Bohemia Punjabi Rapper Biography, his Life Story, Height weight, Career and lots more…  Ra or Raja aka Bohemia aka Bohemia ‘a Punjabi Rapper’ was born on October 15th in year 1979 in Karachi, Pakistan.

Roger David aka Bohemia is recognized as the king of Punjabi rap and also a PIONEER of Desi-Hip-Hop international as he sings in Punjabi and describes himself as “The Punjabi Rapper” and “the pioneer of Punjabi rap” and the “creator of Punjabi rap.

When Raja was only 14 his family migrated from Pakistan to ‘bay area’. He took a bold step and became a local musician who played along with artists such as Sunil Khanna (you will find him listed in Sunil’s bio) and Manesh Judge. While growing up in the rough streets of Oakland, CA, Raja used rapping as an outlet to escape from his thug life style.

Bohemia Punjabi Rapper Biography; Raja looks up to artists such as Jagjit Singh and the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and through his experiences he became raw raps illustrating not just California street life other than also a life many South Asians lead in America. Sunil has referred to ‘Ra’, as a great musician and a poet; Raja soon started putting his poetry to his music and gave birth to Bohemia, the punjabi rapper. His lyrics are in Punjabi, while many of the hooks are in English.

Bohemia Punjabi Rapper Biography

Bohemia Punjabi Rapper Biography QUICK LOOK
Real or full nameRoger David
D.O.B15 Oct 1979
Birth Place Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Current liveUS
Weight70 kg (aprox.)

First Album; Bohemia’s first album, Vich Pardesan De (In The Foreign Lands), was released independently in 2002 and was soon among the top ten most requested songs on BBC radio 1 in the UK. Second Album; His next album, Pesa Nasha Pyar (Money Drugs Love), was released in the year 2006 and Ishq Records, UK making it the first ever full-length Desi-Rap album to be released by a major label.

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Bohemia Punjabi Rapper Biography Third Album; David rapper comes right after his Bollywood performances with Akshay Kumar, probably the right time to release an album. This is Bohemia’s second official release in India is album Pesa Nasha Pyar introduce the sensational Punjabi rapper Bohemia to the nation, after the earlier and it’s his third release worldwide.

Bollywood playback can actually get a lot of recognition across the globe. Da Rap Star has been written and produced entirely by Bohemia himself. This is something I like about the dude. The expectations are at an all time high especially after Pesa Nasha Pyar blew my mind away.

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Bohemia Punjabi Rapper Biography; Bohemia soon started putting his poetry to the music he composed and gave birth to the new era of Punjabi Rap Music, a new genre of music. Through his experiences, come raw Punjabi raps depicting not just California street life, but a life many South East Asians lead out abroad. Hailing from California USA, Bohemia unloads automatic rounds of street-savvy Punjabi Rap interlaced with pounding kicks, chunky bass lines and contagious melodies.

Bohemia released his 3rd studio album the Thousand Thoughts LP on August 30th 2012. The album received the Best Punjabi album of the year award at the PTC Punjabi Music Awards 2013.

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