Beyonce Net Worth

Beyonce Net WorthBeyoncé Giselle Knowles is a pop star, a singer more popularly known just as Beyonce. Beyonce Net Worth 2017 is estimated to be $450 million…. Yeah!! Here’s a lot more on her Earnings, Income, Event Charges & More. She is an R&B artist who rose to fame as the lead singer and from Rags to Queen Bey Riches with such a big net worth. We will keep updating you with all the details about Beyonce Net Worth. 

Here we’ve based info all related to Beyonce Net Worth calculations on album sales, endorsements and media estimates, etc… Well, there’s no doubt about it, Beyoncé makes a LOT of money!!!

Beyonce Net Worth

Beyonce net worth is really a heavy amount, as we analyzed the diva album sales, concerts, acting, and various other income streams. Because of the star sky-high success, it’s more likely Beyonce’s net worth is on the high end than the low.

Timeline of Beyoncé Net Worth

YearBeyoncé Net Worth (Estimated)
2008$  20,000,000
2009$  80,000,000
2010$  110,000,000
2011$  135,000,000
2012$  165,000,000
2013$  215,000,000
2014$  322,000,000
2015$  372,000,000

Beyoncé is a worldwide music icon in the R&B, pop, and hip hop genres, and for this, the world credits her simply as Queen Bey. As contributing to Beyonce net worth there are more than twelve albums and 65 singles, five platinum albums with sales in the hundreds of millions of units. Yeah!!! And 6 concert tours and several movie appearances and endorsement deals.


Beyonce Net Worth from Music Sales

Music Sale TypeUnits Sold(Add) Beyonce Net Worth
Beyonce Studio Albums35,000,000$34,041,525
Other Albums2,697,000$1,197,000
Singles (Beyonce as lead artist)36,000,000$6,340,140
Singles (Beyonce featured)6,745,000$442,944
Total Music Sales and Beyonce Net Worth –$42,021,609

Well, the secret is revealed here, that the highest profile endorsement to date that added to Beyonce’s net worth is her now famous deal with Pepsi in 2012, for which the star was paid a whopping $50 million. Numbers aren’t available for every endorsement that notched up Beyonce’s net worth, but some include H&M, Tommy Hilfiger and Armani.

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