Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Best Ways to Celebrate ChristmasChristmas is the biggest festival of Christians and Christmas holidays are filled with cheer and wonder. Here, we are going to tell you the Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas 2016. You can celebrate Christmas in different ways, your day is sure to be filled with happiness. To know some Simple yet funniest things to do this Christmas read the page.

Some loves to celebrate Christmas in a secular way while others in religious, or kid-friendly, or may be in any other tradition. But doing something unique and different from the previous year celebration brings more joy in the festival. Christmas holidays are specially meant to be enjoyed it brings a fondness for tradition, an excuse to be part of a communal experience, delight in the decorating homes, the tree, the music, and the lights. Here, in this article we are giving you some ideas for 25th December that can add more happiness in your celebration.

Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas

#1. Get Your Friends Together

This Christmas call your friends and relatives to string popcorn and cranberries and watch animated kids Classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas etc. Become a small child and enjoy this beautiful Christmas festival to the great extent.

Get Your Friends Together

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#2. Feast

Along with giving thanks to God this Christmas, try something different to make Christmas feasting special, go for some traditional foods that you can’t have at any other time of the year.

For example– Mincemeat pies, chestnuts, plum pudding, roast goose, mulled wine, or from-scratch eggnog (or, apparently, if you’re Finnish, reindeer).


#3. Create Living Nativity Scene One Night In Front Of Church

To celebrate the Christmas in a different and to have lots of fun gather your friends and create a living nativity scene one night a week in front of your nearby church. In this way you can worship Jesus also and can enjoy the festival.

Create Living Nativity Scene One Night In Front Of Church

#4. Form A Kazoo Band And Go Caroling

This is something funny and can add more happiness and craziness in your Christmas party. You can Form a kazoo band and go caroling and remember no singing allowed. You can have it at your home, go door to door, or go to an old folks’ home and do it and learn some Christmas songs and start singing. It’s really fun.

Form A Kazoo Band And Go Caroling

#5. Make Gift Exchange About Means, Not Just Ends

You don’t have to spend big bucks on gifts, just small tokens are fine. Some families enjoy giving gifts to one another to show their appreciation for one another. You can buy gifts or make them yourself. Gather around the Christmas tree with your family on Christmas morning and exchange gifts Or sit by the fire with your loved one and enjoy Christmas together.

Make Gift Exchange About Means, Not Just Ends

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#6. Go For A Drive And See Christmas Lights

During Christmas days, there is lightning all around the view is just awesome. So, this Christmas Pile your family in the car and drive around your town looking at Christmas lights.

Go For A Drive And See Christmas Lights

#7. Remember The Poor

Don’t be too busy in doing everything for yourself; try to help the needy ones. By doing this you are celebrating your Christmas to the best way and you’ll get lots of blessings.

Remember The Poor

#8. Decorate A Christmas Tree

Decorate your Christmas tree, wrap it in lights and begin hanging the ornaments. You can decorate your tree in different ways and with various heirloom ornaments like Star Trek or superhero themed, or with little trains, or with Disney characters etc.

Decorate A Christmas Tree

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#9. Christmas Cake

Christmas cake is special cake that is cooked specially for Christmas. The ingredients used are different from that of normal cakes. Some people give Christmas cake as a gift to relatives and friends. You can search for Christmas cake recipe and try it in your home. It is really awesome and tasty.

Christmas Cake

#10. Invite God For Blessings

Some people Invite God to come and celebrate the day with them. Some choose to do this by attending a Christmas Eve service while others by sitting before the Christmas tree and silently inviting God to just be with them, this is up to you.  For the Christian, making God a part of your day is vital.

Invite God For Blessings

This Is The Season To Be Jolly!
Have A Holly Jolly Christmas !!
Merry Christmas!!!


These are some of the best ways to Celebrate Christmas with your friends and family. If you have some more unique and funniest things to do than do share your idea with us in the comment box given below.

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