Best Songs of the 80s that will live on forever

Best Songs of the 80s that will live on foreverMusic is life!! Music is love!! For the true music lovers here are the Best Songs of the 80s that will live on forever.Among how many of us have ever listen to 80s songs? Only few of us but whoever listen it once have never forgotten it. Believe it or not but 1980s is the best time for music. Most of the Hit Numbers from 80s are still remembered and some of them are today also remixed. The popular 80s songs are still create sensation due to its pure and ear friendly lyrics, unlike today’s music that people could not able to understand as it is impossible to hear it properly. So, if you really want to enjoy music listen to the amazing 80s song.

Best Songs of the 80s that will live on forever

#1. Working For The Weekend

Working for the Weekend is the song which is unforgettable. You have even heard its lyrics by your grandparents and parents mummerring it. As its music today also feel so fresh and amazing that one could mesmerize with it easily.

Working For The Weekend

AlbumGet Lucky
Release October 1981

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#2. Down Under

Down Under is the song which can make you cry, song which can make you laugh it can make you feel dance or it can also take you to another world. The song have all the emotions and that is the reason it is among the hits of 1980s.

 Down Under

SingerMen at Work
AlbumBusiness as Usual
Release October 1981

#3. Walking On Sunshine

Walking On Sunshine, the most popular song of 1980s in United Kingdom and United State. It is also one of the most romantic songs of that season. Its lyrics line “I’m walking on sunshine (Wow!), And don’t it feel good” can still bring goose bumps and make you fall in love again.

Walking On Sunshine

SingerKatrina and the Waves
AlbumWalking on Sunshine
Release 26 April 1985
7 June 1996 (re-issue)

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#4. I Want Candy

I Want Candy is an enduring new wave classic song is one of the most popular and hits of 80s. Its theme of falling for the bad boy, has an instantly catchy chorus that is matched by the stuck-in-your-brain.

I Want Candy

SingerBow Wow Wow
AlbumThe Last of the Mohicans
Release 1982

#5. I Love Rock N’ Roll

The most rocking song of that year which makes everyone dance is I Love Rock N’ Roll. It was one of the best hits of 1980s which is still being remembered due to its energetic music, ear friendly lyrics and dancing tones.

 I Love Rock N' Roll

SingerJoan Jett & the Blackhearts
AlbumThe Arrows
Release 1981

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#6. Pour Some Sugar On Me

Pour Some Sugar on Me is one of the most popular peppy numbers of the year. Not only Peppy but also romantic and a dancing hit of that year. Its lyrics Hey! C’mon, take a bottle, shake it up Break the bubble, break it up” are still remembered.

Pour Some Sugar On Me

SingerDef Leppard
Release 8 September 1987 (UK)
16 April 1988 (US), 1989, 2000
4 June 2012 (Re-recorded version)

#7. Billie Jean

Billie Jean is a song by the famous American singer Michael Jackson. It is the second single from the singer’s sixth solo album. And one of those albums which are not only the hits of 1980s but also became a stair which made a mark in Michael Jackson carrier.

 Billie Jean

SingerMichael Jackson
Release January 2, 1983

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#8. Don’t Stop Believing

Don’t Stop Believing a beautiful song by Journey, describes the journey of a small town girl and a city boy in such manner which is still remembered. One of the most beautiful hits of 80s.

Don't Stop Believing

Release October 6, 1981 (US)
December 1, 1981 (UK)

#9. Just Like Heaven

One of the most romantic sont of the year Just like Heaven, also among the one of the hits of 1980s. It is a song by British alternative rock band The Cure. Along with the hit this became popular among the youth that year and is on the tip of each and every boy and girl.

Just Like Heaven

SingerThe Cure
AlbumKiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
Release 5 October 1987


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#10. Our Lips Are Sealed

A fun song Our Lips Are Sealed is very popular song of the year. It was first recorded by The Go-Go’s as the opening track. The song is also listed among one of the 100 Greatest Pop Songs of all time.

Our Lips Are Sealed

SingerThe Go-Go’s
AlbumBeauty and the Beat
Release June 12, 1981

So these are the Best Songs of the 80s that will live on forever according to me. So comment us which is your favorite Hit Numbers from 80s and is that among our list too? Do comment…………..

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