Best Gadgets And Tech Products Launching In 2017

Best Gadgets And Tech Products Launching In 20172016 is on its ending peak, as far as the tech and gizmos world is concerned. But 2017 is almost here, and we’re expecting an abundant amount of some Best Gadgets And Tech Products going to be launched in 2017. This year in 2016 we saw gadgets from health-focused smart wearable’s, drones, 3D printers, Smartphones, tablets and AR/VR headsets. This year there were heaps of upcoming brands and startups with innovations you’ll have never dreamed of before. Below is given the list of most important gadgets likely to be launched next year. Keep in mind this isn’t a comprehensive list but these are the gadgets we think you should be the most passionate about. Here we go:

Best Gadgets And Tech Products Launching In 2017

We have prepared this list of Best gadgets and tech products that our launching in 2017 to make you aware about the cool products:

#1. Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung galaxy S8 i9s going to be launched in 2017 and it is said that this phone will come with a big Daddy sized battery and so it is already called as the powerhouse phone. The phone is going to have a 6GB of Ram with 256GB of Internal storage variant. It is said that phone will consist of Artificial Intelligence software system with a 4K Super AMOLED Display. Launch of the phone is expected to be held in Barcelona in the first week of March 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8

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#2. iPhone 8 And New iMac’s

The next iPhone is surely going to be the killer phone and people are eagerly waiting to know the changes that are probably going to happen in the iPhone 8. iPhone 8 is said that will be all glass design build and with a touch home button. There are many predictions about iMac mini with retina display and magic touch keyboard that is to be launched in 2017. More updates of iMac will be updated soon.

iPhone 8 And New iMac’s

#3. GoTenna Mesh

Now you don’t need to worry about any connectivity problem. Through GoTenna Mesh you can communicate each other’s without cell, Wi-Fi and satellites by busing your existing Smartphone. You can adjust this pencil like antenna in the pocket and you are ready to send and receive text messages, and share location without any central connectivity.

GoTenna Mesh

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#4. Welt- The Genius Belt

Welt looks like a normal stylish leather belt but is far more than it seems. By seeing closely you will notice that the buckle houses a micro USB port. Welt supports some basic functions like measuring size of waist, Pedometer(counting steps), counting sitting and resting time, reports when you are eating and holding the trouser up. The data welt collects sends to the welt mobile application. Welt is surely a masterpiece and is the one and only wearable like this.

Welt- The Genius Belt

#5. SGNL- Touch Your Sound Listen Your Calls Through Your Finger

Sgnl is a smart wearable strap through which you can make calls with your fingertip touched to the ear. You just need to connect the smart bracelet with your phone and connect with its specific app. When a call will come you just have to put a fingertip near the ear and now you are in the conversation same like a phone but with a privacy. This happens because the smart bracelet produces vibrations like diaphragm of loudspeaker and transfers the voice signal through the bones of your hand to your fingertip.

SGNL- Touch Your Sound Listen Your Calls Through Your Finger

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#6. Prinker – How About Changing A Tattoo In Few Days Just Like Permanent One

Prinker is a easy to handle and operate tattoo making device. Prinker prints temporary tattoo designs from your Smartphone on your skin without any time or pain. Prinker is best in every aspect for a Tattoo lover. The prinker uses a hypoallergenic paint which last for only few days and is great for children’s party and get together.


#7. Hover Bike

Hover Bike resembles like a motor bike but actually is a drone vehicle through which you can hover all around with the two propellers of which one is in the front and one in the back. The pilot sits in between the two rotating propellers and operates the Hover Bike. It is the coolest product and the manufacturing of Hover Bikes has started. Soon we will see people on their Hover Bikes.

Hover Bike

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#8. Bixpy Jet – Most Powerful And Handy Jet Drive

Bixpy is the world’s smallest and portable water snorkeler, diver, paddler, standup boarder and kayaker. It consists of a battery and its teer is operated by a handy remote. A bixpy Jet can speed up to 11km/hr and it also contains a reverse gear along with the forward gear. The bixpy comes along with a kit and all other necessary parts.

Bixpy Jet – Most Powerful And Handy Jet Drive

These were the list of Best Gadgets And Tech Products launching In 2017 which can be used by everyone and anywhere to increase the productivity in life. For more upcoming gadgets information you can bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl+D.

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