Are Mobile Payment Apps Fully Safe In India?

Are Mobile Payment Apps Fully Safe In India?While India is on full pace to go fully Digital, Chipset maker Qualcomm focused and arised the question in people’s mind that ‘Are Mobile Payment Apps fully Safe in India’? Qualcomm raised this question by saying that mobile banking applications in India are not using fully  hardware level protection to do digital transactions more secure.

Are Mobile Payment Apps Fully Safe In India?

                                  In Qualcomm View Why Mobile Payments In India Are Not Fully Safe?

This is eye opening news as no one has ever thought on this topic and you will be amazed by reading this as “most of the banking and wallet application all over the world are not using hardware security. They run on the Android mode and there are chances of stolen user passwords. There is also high level security like payment facilities through fingerprint but this is not accurate and secure as they can be captured.

Are Mobile Payment Apps Fully Safe In India?

Qualcomm senior director SY Choudhary said “In India it is the case for almost all of the digital wallets and mobile banking applications. He added that even the most known and famous Indian digital payment application is not using security at the hardcore level.

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Everybody is getting linked; everyone is getting verified by device. How do you know that your device is getting ready for demonetization? When you download a banking application for mobile then you don’t know if it is using hardware security or not,” Choudhury said.

He said that Qualcomm is now approaching digital payments companies for using secure environment for processing payments on mobile phone.

Are Mobile Payment Apps Fully Safe In India

How To Get Fully Safe And Secure?

Choudhary said” We are providing secure execution environment in the chipsets. This layer separates transactions on mobile phone from operating system. This checks any malware from effecting transactions”.

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He added that the company is coming up with the newest and latest features in its mobile chipsets from 2017 which will consist of many different features and will verify the user with payment gateway through Device ID, Phone Manufacturer Signature, Android Version of phone, Root kit of operating system, location and time through which it will be nearly impossible to duplicate and hack any secured payments.

Are Mobile Payment Apps Fully Safe

The company has partnered with famous company Avast for this service. Let’s hope that this service is accessible as soon as possible and people can make payments digitally without being tensed.

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