Andre 3000 Net Worth

Andre 3000 Net WorthAndré Lauren Benjamin fans must be interested to know How Rich Rapper André Benjamin Is? Well, we are revealing it over here, Andre 3000 Net Worth 2017 is estimated to be $45 Million.  Since, he’s an outstanding rapper, song writer and performer too, most of his earnings accumulated not only from rapping but also from many other sources. To see Andre 3000 Net Worth of, you can visit our website time to time. 

Andre 3000 accumulated his amount of money not just from rapper path. Andre is also a member of the infamous Hip Hop duet, The Outcast. Yes!! This man also known as multi instrumentalist and yet he is a great director and producer where some of his work gave him amount of money too. He’s played in various television series and movies including Families, The Shield including many others.

Andre 3000 Net Worth

Andre 3000 is an African American rap star who extremely active Entrepreneur is being a famous rapper. Andre with one of his high school mate, Big Boi formed the Hip Hop duet named and well-known The Outcast. It’s been reported that Andre 3000 Net Worth is approximation 45 million dollars.

Andre 3000 Net Worth; it’s clear that he has been involved in lots of field within industry which actually brought a big amount in Andre 3000 net worth. Talking about his films business, Andre 3000 has appeared in quite lots of popular TV series.

Andre Lauren Benjamin is in the duet called “OutKast”, he is also a fashion designer, it’s true as in the 2008 and he found his clothes and called it “Benjamin Bixby”. So, music and film sectors will be the primary sources of Andre 3000 net worth.

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Additionally, Andre 3000 is referred to as an active person in the Cartoon Network. The sales of the record are really successful and the single “Player’s Ball” from the record also smash hit.

In other two of the duo’s record, a tide of music style blends may be felt. André Lauren Benjamin or better known as Andre said that he is really interested in hip hop at very early age. That’s why he then well known becomes apart from OutKast duo alongside rapper Big Boi.

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