10 Amazing Facts About Emma Stone

10 Amazing Facts About Emma Stone‘Emma Stone’ Hollywood’s hottest star actually owns Emily Jean Stone as her real name. Guys! Many things are there You Probably Didn’t Know. So check 10 Amazing Facts About Emma Stone. Want to know how she ended up with her distinctive-sounding voice? Read on and check out more fun facts about this gorgeous star ahead.

Here are the 10 Amazing Facts About Emma Stone You actually don’t know. Nether you simply can’t argue with the fact that Emma Stone is one of the most delightful and talented humans working in the business right now. But, do you know everything there is to know about the actress? The following fascinating 10 Amazing Facts About Emma Stone will blow you away:

10 Amazing Facts About Emma Stone

#1 She’s Of Swedish Descent

Her paternal grandfather emigrated to the U.S. through Ellis Island; slightly altering the family’s last named to its more anglicized version “Stone.”

#2 Her Real Name Isn’t Emma

Emma Stone was born Emily Jean Stone. She changed her name while registering for her Screen Actors Guild card and found “Emily Stone” was taken

#3 She Knows Sign-Language

When she was younger, she had a deaf tutor. Today, she’s so grateful for the opportunity to learn the language.

 #4 Taylor Swift & Emma Are Good Pals

They met at the Young Hollywood Awards three years ago, and started talking and hanging out.

 #5 Emma Taught Woody Allen How To Text On His Iphone

Yep, of course she did! Because she’s AWESOME!

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#6 Pretty Good At Convincing People!

She even persuaded her parents to let her drop out of school and move to Hollywood to become an actress.

#7 The Secret Behind Her Low-Pitched Voice

No, it’s not because she loves to puff away on those cigarettes! It’s because she had colic as a baby.

#8 Emma’s Been A Dog

She once played an Australian shepherd in the movie version of comic strip Marmaduke.

#9 She Had Her First Asthma Attack Whilst Filming A Sex Scene

During the filming of a fake sex scene in Easy A, she had an asthma attack. This is actually weird because she never thought she even had asthma until then!

 #10 She’s Broken Both Arms

When she was 7 years old, she broke both of her teeny tiny arms when she was on the parallel bars in gymnastics. Ouch!

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