Ajay Devgan Workout Routine

Ajay Devgan Workout RoutineAjay Devgan, the son of famous action choreographer Veeru Devgan is passionate about his fitness. He used to workout regularly to stay fit and healthy. If you want to know about the Ajay Devgan Workout Routine and Exercise, go through this page. You’ll find that Ajay Devgan workout plan is quite tough as compare to his diet plan schedule. If you want to have the same body and muscles build up then follow these secrets now. The secret to his muscular look was credited to Ajay Devgan’s grilling workout routine and a strict diet. Here is an insight to Ajay Devgan Workout Routine.

Ajay Devgan Physical Stats
Ajay Devgan Height1.8cm
Ajay Devgan MeasurementsChest:44 inches
Waist:32 inches
Biceps:14 inches
Ajay Devgan Weight70 KG Kg

He looks incredible in all his movies. Do you want to be like him? Well if yes, then all you have to do is follow the Ajay Devgan Workout Routine himself.

Ajay Devgan Workout Routine

Ajay Devgan, one of the rising stars of the Bollywood followed a strict workout regime. He hits the gym five days a week and loves working out. Ajay Devgan’s workout routine includes-

  • Ajay trained daily for an hour and 15 minutes
  • His training included one hour of weight training followed by cardio
  • He did all his cardio by himself and didn’t take any rest during workout sessions
  • He focused on every body part to get the desired lean muscular look instead of concentrating on just six pack abs.
  • His workout routine includes a combination of weights and circuit super sets that included many other techniques including push-ups and pull-ups.
  • He also followed a strict low carb high protein diet to get the desired macho looks.
  • He does squats and pushups.

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Ajay Devgan Diet Schedule

Ajay is a strict disciplinarian when it comes to food. Ajay Devgan was not a big fan of eating foods and this was the main reason that even at the time of workout and bodybuilding he was not much conscious about the diet plan. He can spend the whole day and all his meals even on coke and French fries.

BREAKFAST: At the time of breakfast he used to take low fat milk alongside with 4 egg whites. At the time of morning workout he used to take protein shake with some 2 egg whites.

LUNCH: In the time of lunch he just takes with 4-5 chapattis with salad and vegetables.

Mid Day Meal: In the middle of the day he sometimes used to take some snacks with almonds and protein shake.

DINNER: At the time of dinner he used to take chicken and a vegetable soup.

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Ajay Devgan Body Secrets

Ajay Devgan was very fond of fitness and already has a good physique. Let’s find out some of Devgn’s Body Secrets-

  • Lead a disciplined life
  • Follow a healthy diet
  • Drink plenty of water and follow your workout religiously.

These are the diet secrets and fitness routine of Ajay Devgan.

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