Airtel 4G Aurangabad Plans

Airtel 4G Aurangabad PlansBharti Airtel/Airtel one of the best growing and leader in the telecommunications company is recognized as one of  the most trusted brand all over the world. Airtel 4G Aurangabad Plans have been fully securitized on this page as recently the company stepped in 4G providing 4G and the prices and plans and packs differs from region to region. So to make it easy for the visitors we took the initiative to provide all Aurangabad Airtel Prepaid 4G plans for Datacard, mobile or broadband on one page.

We have prepared the list of latest 4G plans and packs which have been upgraded or changed. Visitors of Aurangabad who want to take the benefit of the best 4G plans by airtel can go through the below given details on the page. If you want to get the regular updates about the best offers by Airtel you can also bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl+D as this page is regularly updated by the dedicated team of

Airtel 4G Aurangabad Plans

                                                            Airtel Aurangabad 3G/4G Data Plans

71 Day30MB 3G (This recharge does not carry forward existing 3G balance).
22Unlimited30MB ( 2G/3G/4G).Base Tariff-Local+STD mobile calls at 2p/sec and Landline at 2.5p/sec.
232 Days90MB 3G(This recharge does not carry forward existing 3G balance).
2930 Days75MB 2G/3G/4G (This recharge does not carry forward existing 3G balance).
431 Day900MB 3G/4G night Data(12-00AM to 6-00AM)
4528 Days120MB 3G (This recharge does not carry forward existing 3G balance).
535 Days200MB 3G
71Unlimited105MB ( 2G/3G/4G).Base Tariff Local+STD mobile calls 2p/sec and Landline 2.5p/sec
927 Days100MB 3G/4G
975 Days1GB 3G/4G
10128 Days250MB 3G/4G
1231GB 3G/4G (12:00AM to 6:00AM)
12412 Days375MB 3G/4G
14428 Days360MB 3G/4G
1455 Days580MB 3G/4G
14628 Days585MB 3G
14828 Days590MB 3G
15414 Days470MB 3G/4G
16528 Days500MB 3G/4G
185400MB(3G) full day/night +400MB (3G) night +400MB(4G)
1891GB 3G + Talktime of Rs.20. For greater than 90 days – 420MB 3G+ Talktime of Rs.20
1971GB(3G)+1GB 3G(night) SR only For greater than 90 days – 500 MB 3G
19820 Days600MB 3G/4G
23828 Days250MB 3G/4G + Talktime of Rs.140
24414 Days600MB 3G/4G
24928 Days1000MB 3G
251600MB 3G/4G + Talktime of Rs.100
2521.5GB 3G
289400MB 3G + Talktime of Rs.100 + All STD mob @25p/min [1st 140 secs STD calls @2p/s]
2941GB(3G) + 1GB(4G) + 1GB(night)
298Minimum 1.25GB 3G + 1.25GB 4G –Upto 10GB.
3011GB 3G/4G & 120 Local A2A secs
3081GB 3G/4G
3472.5GB 3G
3481GB 3G Full day + 2GB 3G night data
37456 Days1GB 3G/4G
38928 Days1GB 3G +Talktime of Rs.80
4493.5GB 3G
4915GB 3G/4G
4944GB 3G
4973GB 3G/4G. Now for 6 months get 1GB 3G/4G @Just Rs.124
4982GB 3G
5443GB (3G)full day/night + 2GB (3G)night
57556 Days2GB 3G/4G
59828 Days1GB 3G/4G + Unlimited Local Airtel to Airtel @598
6555.5GB 3G
6983.5GB 3G/4G. Unlimited post free usage @64 KBPS
7475GB 3G/4G. Now for 6 months get 1GB 3G/4G @Rs.97, 2.5GB 3G/4G @Rs.252
7496.5GB 3G
7953GB 3G/4G day & night + 3GB night ( 12AM – 6AM)
8497.5GB 3G
8994GB 3G/4G, Unlimited post free usage @64 KBPS
9454GB 3G/4G day & night + 4GB night ( 12AM – 6AM)
9496GB 3G/4G
99910GB 3G
10497GB 3G/4G
10955GB 3G/4G day & night + 5GB night ( 12AM – 6AM)
10975GB 3G/4G with unlimited 2G
10983GB 3G/4G + Unlimited A2A mob + Unlimited music + 5 movies + 100 SMS/ day
11498GB 3G/4G
12456GB 3G/4G day & night + 6GB night ( 12AM – 6AM)
12489GB 3G/4G Unlimited
134910GB 3G/4G
13987GB 3G/4G, Unlimited post free usage @64 KBPS
149590 Days15GB for 3G handset & extra 15GB ( total 30GB 3G/4G ) on 4G handsets (Data does not get carry forward)
149812 Months10GB 3G/4G .Now for 1 year get 1GB 3G/4G @Rs.53 , 2GB 3G/4G @Rs.97 , 5GB 3G/4G @Rs.252 .
159828 Days15GB 3G
17495GB 3G/4G, [email protected]/MB, Unlimited Local calls(Mobile+Fixedline), 100 SMS/day, Unlimited Songs on Wynk Music
184510GB 3G/4G day & night +10GB night ( 12AM – 6AM)
184915GB 3G/4G
199725GB 3G
22497GB 3G/4G, [email protected]/MB, Unlimited Local+STD+Roaming(Mobile+FL), 100 SMS/day, Unlimited Songs on Wynk Music &(Eros/Hooq)Movies/month on Airtel Movies
324915GB 3G/4G, [email protected]/MB, Unlimited Local+STD+Roaming (Mobile+FL), 100 SMS/day, Unlimited Songs on Wynk Music
334520GB 3G/4G day & night + 20GB night ( 12AM – 6AM)

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Airtel Aurangabad Dongle Postpaid

45030 Days2GB


Airtel Aurangabad Home – Wifi Postpaid

59530 Days3GB (BillCap-1495)
99510GB (BillCap-1995)
129515GB (BillCap-3295)
199530GB (BillCap-3995)
299550GB (BillCap-4995)
4995100GB (BillCap-6995)
7995160GB (BillCap-9995)

Bharti Airtel Limited is multinational telecommunications services and their headquartered is located in New Delhi, India. In India, This company was named 2nd most important brand in first ever Brand. Company product including 2G, 3G and 4G wireless services, mobile commerce, fixed line services, high speed DSL broadband, IPTV, DTH, enterprise services which includes national & international long distance services to carriers.

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Company offers 2G, 3G wireless services and mobile commerce. At the end of November 2014, Company had over 307 million customers across its operations. Company started Enterprise business, providing end-to-end telecom solutions for corporation customers and national and international long-distance services. Company offers 2 kinds of solutions such are GPRS Based Solutions and SMS Based Solutions.

Dear Visitors, you may get complete information regarding Airtel 4G Aurangabad Plans from the above segment of this page. From our web portal, you can acquire latest Airtel 4G Plans details of all cities so keep in touch with us by bookmarking the webpage. Customers, if you want to get more detailed information about Airtel 4G Aurangabad Plans then we suggest you to visit this page time to time.

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