Aircel Prepaid Uttar Pradesh (East) Plans

Aircel Prepaid Uttar Pradesh (East) PlansAircel is a well reputed Mobile network operator in India. This page is updated with Aircel Prepaid Uttar Pradesh (East) Plans. We have collected all the Tariff plans, Talktime plans, Roaming / ISD plans, Recharge pack, mobile Data Pack of Aircel for you at this single page. Established in the year of 1999, it has become the fifth largest telecommunications company in India. It has its head office located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu India.

Aircel Prepaid Uttar Pradesh (East) Plans

2G Internet Packs

142 Days100 MB Data (2G)
173 Days150 MB Data (2G)
475 Days350 MB Data (2G)
6414 Days500 MB Data (2G)
9828 Days1 GB Data (2G)
11528 Days1.2 GB Data (2G)
14928 Days1.5 GB Data (2G)
19828 Days1.5 GB Data (2G/3G)
39928 Days3 GB Data (2G/3G)
69728 DaysUnlimited Data with 6 GB 2G/3G FUP
99728 DaysUnlimited Data with 10 GB 2G/3G FUP
139728 DaysUnlimited Data with 15 GB 2G/3G FUP


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3G Internet Packs

223 Days125 MB Data (3G)
375 Days200 MB Data (3G)
677 Days300 MB Data (3G)
12821 Days600 MB Data (3G)
14428 Days600 MB Data (3G)
15521 Days1GB 3G/2G Data
19828 Days1.5 GB Data (2G/3G)
39928 Days3 GB Data (2G/3G)
69728 DaysUnlimited Data with 6 GB 2G/3G FUP
99728 DaysUnlimited Data with 10 GB 2G/3G FUP
139728 DaysUnlimited Data with 15 GB 2G/3G FUP


Rate Cutters

828 DaysAll local calls at 20p/min,first 2-mins [email protected] 2p/sec per day
1128 DaysAll local call @ 30p/min.
153 Days40 Local/STD minutes
1828 DaysAll Local Calls 1p/2sec
2414 Days250 Local Aircel to Aircel Minutes
254 DaysA2A Local 10p/min , A2O 25p/min + 25p/MB 2G/3G data
2914 Days80 local min
3221 Days600 Local Aircel minutes
3390 DaysSTD/Local A2A Mobile Calls @ 10p/min in Home & Roaming on Aircel Network
3428 DaysA2A Local 10p/min, A2O Local 25p/min, A2A STD 15p/min and A2O STD 30p/min
427 DaysUnlimited Local Aircel to Aircel
4414 Days125 Local A2A + 125 Local A2O Mins
4528 Days46 TT
5528 Days130 Local minutes
6528 Days180 Local/STD minutes
7112 DaysUnlimited Local Aircel to Aircel
9728 Days700 Local A2A Mins+300 Local A2O Mins
12128 DaysUnlimited Local Aircel to Aircel Calls
14828 Days

Unlimited Local Aircel to Aircel Calls + 200 MB 2G/G Data + Unlimited Facebook & Whatsapp

19421 DaysUnlimited STD Aircel to Aircel Calls
19628 Days1000 Local Aircel to Aircel minutes + 700 Local Aircel to Other minutes


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107.73 Talktime – 7.73
3023.2 Talktime – 23.20
5040.67 Talktime – 40.67

90 Talktime – 90 + Incoming 20p/min + [email protected]/[email protected]/min, while roaming on Aircel network.

10084.73 Talktime – 84.73
110115 Extra Talktime
150160 Extra Talktime
200200 Full Talktime
300350 Extra Talktime
500550 Extra Talktime


SMS Packs

97 Days220 A – A Local/National + 80 A – O Local/National SMS
135 Days500 Local / National
2715 Days1500 Local / National SMS
3830 Days2100 Local / National SMS


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ISD Packs

73 Days

US/Canada (Except Alaska, Hawaii & Guam)/UK Fixed/[email protected]/min, [email protected]/min, Gulf (UAE/Saudi/Kuwait/Bahrain/Yemen)Rs7/min.

2328 Days

USA @1p/sec, Canada @1p/sec, Venezuela (Fixed) @1p/sec, Singapore @1.5p/sec, China @1.5p/sec, Malaysia (Fixed) @1.5p/sec, South Korea (Fixed) @1.5p/sec, UK (Fixed) @1p/sec, France (Fixed) @1p/sec, Hungary (Fixed) @1p/sec, Italy (Fixed) @1p/sec, Sweden (Fixed) @1p/sec, Ireland (Fixed) @1p/sec, Nepal @12p/sec, Bangladesh @3p/sec, UAE @15p/sec, Saudi Arabia @12p/sec, Sri Lanka @12p/sec, Pakistan @12p/sec, Kuwait @12p/sec

4128 DaysCall US, Canada and UK(F)* at Rs1/min,Local/[email protected] 40p/min


It offers a vast array of Telecom services for GSM subscribers across 22 telecom circles of India including Uttar Pradesh (East) telecom circle through various exclusive stores. The company offers mobile Internet, wireless broadband, 2G and 3G wireless service, ISD services, roaming packs and other value added services.

The company’s both types of postpaid and prepaid services include national and international roaming, top-up vouchers, ISD cards, easy recharge, combo vouchers, special tariff vouchers and many more. The company also provides various business solutions like data center solutions, mobility solutions, managed network solutions, networking solutions as well as collaboration services and managed service.

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Aircel offers GSM mobile services in multiple locations such as Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh East, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh West, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Haryana, Assam, North-East, Kolkata, Pune and Bihar, etc.

Get the latest Aircel Prepaid Uttar Pradesh (East) Plans from our web portal as we update these plans almost daily on this page. From above table, Customers can choose the best plan from Aircel Prepaid Uttar Pradesh (East) Plans according to their requirement.


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