Aircel Prepaid Delhi NCR Plans

Aircel Prepaid Delhi NCR PlansOn this single page, we are going to provide all Aircel Prepaid Delhi NCR Plans detail. So, all aircel prepaid customers who are living in Delhi NCR state and want to know latest information of Aircel Prepaid Delhi NCR Plans can easily get it through this page. This page contains complete details of Prepaid Plans Of Aircel Company like Aircel Prepaid Tariff plans, SMS / STD Recharge pack, combo voucher and many other offers. In the below segment of this page, we are also giving details regarding Aircel 2G / 3G Pocket internet for the convenience of all Aircel Prepaid users. From the underneath section of this page, you can acquire best option which meets your requirements. Have a look….

Aircel Prepaid Delhi NCR Plans

2G Internet Packs

141 Day1GB Data
173 Days150 MB Data
2426 Days100 MB Data
295 DaysUnlimited Data with 200 MB FUP
5210 Days400 MB Data
535 Days1 GB Data
5828 Days1 GB Data
7415 Days600 MB Data
9821 Days1GB 2G data for Home and national roaming(on Aircel and Vodafone network)
10928 DaysUnlimited Data with 1 GB FUP
13428 DaysUnlimited 2G data with 1.5 GB FUP for Home and national roaming(on Aircel and Vodafone network)
19960 Days3 GB Data
25190 Days6 GB Data (2 GB/Month)


3G Internet Packs  

151 Day60MB 3G Data. TnC Apply
447 Days200 MB 3G Data.TnC Apply
7814 Days400MB 3G Data
12230 Days500MB 3G Data. TnC Apply
14730 Days1GB 3G data for Home and national roaming(on Aircel and Vodafone network)
19830 Days1.5 GB 3G data for Home and national roaming(on Aircel and Vodafone network)
39930 Days2 GB 3G Data
59930 Days3 GB 3G Data
79930 Days4 GB 3G Data
99530 Days5 GB 3G Data
139930 Days7 GB 3G Data
184930 Days10 GB 3G Data


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Rate Cutters

All Local & STD Mobile calls @ 1.2p/sec790 Days
All local mobile calls @ 30p/min (first min of the day @ 80p/min every day)821 Days
Local A2A Mobile @ 15p/min1115 Days
Unlimited STD Mobile Calls @ 35p/min122 Day
Unlimited Local Aircel to Aircel calls161 Day
Local A2A mobile [email protected] 15p/min2128 Days
STD Mobile Calls @25p/Min, post consumption of 100 STD Mobile Minutes, charge at 50p/Min.2228 Days
40 Local/STD Minutes255 Days
Local Mobile Calls @20p/Min, post consumption of 100 Local Mobile Minutes, charge at 40p/Min2721 Days
STD Mobile Calls @40p/Min, post consumption of 300 STD Mobile Minutes, charge at 50p/Min.2821 Days
All local mobile calls @ 30p/min (first min of the day @ 80p/min every day)3290 Days
Local A2A Mobile @ 15p/min3360 Days

All A2A STD mobile calls @20p/min for 400 mins, post 400mins @50p/min; Other STD calls 50p/min

3628 Days

All Local A2A Mobile calls @ 15p/min and Local A2O Mobile calls @ 30p/min for 28 Days and All roaming calls (Local/STD/ Incoming) @45p/min ON ALL NETWORKS for 90 days

3728 Days
75 STD Mobile Minutes4110 Days
Unlimited STD Mobile Calls @ 35p/min4210 Days
Unlimited Local and STD Mobile Calls @ 40p/min4628 Days
Local/ STD mobile call @ 30p/min for 10 days4710 Days
STD Calls to UP/[email protected]/Min. Validity 84 Days5484 Days

Home Benefits: STD A2A @ 15p/min and STD A2O @ 35p/min and Roam Benefits: Incoming free while Roaming into UP & BH on Aircel Network, for 28 days.

5728 Days

All Local/National [email protected] 20p/min Home/Roam (On Aircel Network) and Other STD mobile @50p/min

6328 Days
Unlimited Local A2A Calling644 Days
115 Local & STD Mobile Minutes6521 Days
9500 Local Mobile Seconds6728 Days
All Local +STD call @40p/min for 90 days7290 Days
Local/ STD mobile call @ 30p/min for 21 days8121 Days

Rs90 DA Talktime for 28 Days + Local/STD @1.3p/sec for home & roam and 5 free roaming incoming minutes per day, for 28days while roaming on Aircel and Vodafone network.

8328 Days
300 Local Minutes11128 Days
220 Local & STD Mobile Minutes11528 Days
Unlimited Local Aircel to Aircel Calls19214 Days
Unlimited STD A2A Calls19412 Days
600 Local/STD Mobile Minutes26828 Days
Local A2A 4000 mins Local A2O 7 Local mins/day29928 Days
Local A2A Unlimited calls, Local A2O 10 mins/day, 500MB 2G Data. Post consumption of free mins, Local mobile calls @ 1p/sec34928 Days

Local A2A Unlimited Local A2O 1p/sec Local/Nation Mins 250 for 30 days 500MB 2G Data/month for 2 months (Total 1GB) Post consumption of free mins, Local mobile calls @ 1p/sec

49860 Days
1499 Local Mobile Minutes, 49 STD Mobile Minutes, 49 Local & STD SMS49928 Days

2000 Local/STD Mobile Minutes and 1000 Local/National SMS and 750MB 2G Data

69928 Days
5000 Local Mobile Minutes and 99 STD Minutes and 99 Local/National SMS99930 Days

Unlimited Local A2A and 4500 STD A2A Mobile Minutes. Other Local/STD Mobile Calls @ 1p/sec. Post consumption of Free Mins, STD A2A Mobile Calls @ 1p/sec

139828 Days

1411 Local Mobile Minutes and 1411 STD Mobile Minutes and 1411 Local/National SMS

141128 Days


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107.73 Talktime – 7.73
3023.2 Talktime – 23.20
4031.93 Talktime – 31.93
4545 Full Talktime + 45 Local STD SMS for 5 Days + 20 MB 2G Data for 2 Days
5040.67 Talktime – 40.67
6049.4 Talktime – 49.40
7058.14 Talktime – 58.14
8066.87 Rs 66.87 Talktime
9075.6 Rs 75.60 Talktime
10084.34 Talktime – 84.34
11093.07 Talktime – 93.07
120101.8 Talktime – 101.80
130120 Talktime – 120
135140 Extra Talktime ( for 21 Days + 40 MB 2G Data for 5 Days)
150150 Full Talktime
155155 Full Talktime + 155 MB 2G Data for 10 Days + 155 Local SMS for 30 Days
160160 Full Talktime
170170 Full Talktime
180180 Full Talktime
190190 Full Talktime
200200 Full Talktime
250250 Full Talktime
300300 Full Talktime
400400 Full Talktime
500500 Full Talktime
600600 Full Talktime
700700 Full Talktime
800800 Full Talktime
900900 Full Talktime
10001100 Extra Talktime
20002000 Full Talktime
30003300 Extra Talktime


SMS Packs

125 Local/National SMS910 Days
250 Local/National SMS1928 Days
500 Local/National SMS3528 Days
900 Local/National SMS5928 Days
1250 Local/National SMS7928 Days
1400 Local/National SMS8930 Days


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ISD Packs


ISD Benefits: Nepal Calls @ Rs5.99/Min. Roaming Benefits: All Local/STD/Incoming Calls @ 45p/min on all networks.

1328 Days

ISD benefits: US (Except Alaska, Guam, Hawaii), Canada (Except High Cost Area) @ 60p/min, U.K (Fixed) @ Re1/min, China @ Rs1.5/min, Pakistan @ Rs4.99/min, Singapore @ Rs1.2/min, Bangladesh and Malaysia @ Rs2.99/min, Sri Lanka @ Rs7.99/min, Nepal @ Rs7/min, Kuwait @ Rs5.99/min, Afghanistan @ Rs12.99/min, Nigeria @ Rs5.99/min, Bhutan @ Rs5.99/min, UAE @ Rs8.99/min, Saudi Arabia (Mobile) @ Rs9.65/min, Saudi Arabia (Fixed) @ Rs7.99/min, Roaming benefits : Free Incoming, Local calls @1.2p/sec and STD calls @ 1.5p/sec. Applicable while roaming on Aircel in UP, Bihar and Jharkhand only.

18ISD: 28 Days, Roaming: 45 Days

US (Except Alaska, Guam, Hawaii) @ 1p/sec; Canada (Except High Cost Area) @ 1p/sec; UK (Fixed), France (Fixed), Hungary (Fixed), Italy (Fixed), Sweden (Fixed), Ireland (Fixed) @ 1p/sec; Singapore, China, Malaysia (Fixed), South Korea (Fixed) @ 1.5p/sec, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kuwait @ 12p/sec, Bangladesh @ 3p/sec, UAE @ 15p/sec, Venezuela (Fixed) @ 1p/sec

2328 Day


Aircel SMS Packs

SMS BenefitValidityAmount (Rs.)
125 L/N SMS10 Days9
250 L/N SMS28 Days19
500 L/N SMS28 Days35
800 L/N SMS28 Days49
25 L/N SMS Daily
Activation Code -*121*2#
28 Days56
900 L/N SMS28 Days59
1250 L/N SMS28 Days79
1400 L/N SMS30 Days89


Aircel Company was come into existence in the year 1999 and their headqurtered in situated in Tamil Nadu. Aircel Company was acquired by Malaysia’s biggest integrated communications service provider Maxis (Maxis Communication Berhard), in 2006 and it is joint venture with Sindya Securities & Investments Pvt Ltd. Aircel Company is optimistic about data bundling in its key markets. In the market, Aircel is the only private telecom operator who offers all 3 existing technologies of 2G, 3G and 4G.

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Company change Aircel prepaid plans of all states time to time. So, customers who have prepaid connection of Aircel and want to know updated information of prepaid plans of your state then you are advised to stay with our web portal because from our website you can collect all latest updates regarding same. We have provided all Aircel Prepaid Delhi NCR Plans in the above section of this page for the benefit of customers who belong to Delhi NCR state.       Have a look and after checking all above Aircel Prepaid Plans of Delhi NCR state, you can choose suitable plan as per your need and benefit.

Note: For getting further details of Aircel Prepaid Delhi NCR Plans, you can check this Official Website.


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