Aircel Prepaid Assam Recharge Plans

Aircel Prepaid Assam Recharge PlansAircel is a leading provider of prepaid mobile services. It has its headquarters in Chennai from where it controls all its operations. Here we are providing you Aircel Prepaid Assam Recharge Plans for you. Customers must go through below table to know more about recharge offers, SMS packs, Data packs, tariff vouchers and talk time plans for prepaid of Assam region.  Aircel also provides 3G network where customers can make video calls, watch live TV, access high speed internet and other services.

Aircel Prepaid Assam Recharge Plans

2G Internet Packs

Description       AmountValidity
30 MB Data (2G/3G)81 Day
80 MB Data (2G)183 Days
125 MB Data (2G)267 Days
130 MB Data (2G)3128 Days
100 MB/day (2G/3G)796 Days
450 MB Data (2G)9820 Days
550 MB Data (2G)12828 Days
1 GB Data (2G)14821 Days
1 GB Data (2G)16828 Days


3G Internet Packs

Description     AmountValidity
30 MB Data (2G/3G)81 Day
75 MB (Data 2G/3G)223 Days
130 MB Data (2G/3G)375 Days
170 MB Data (2G/3G)467 Days
500 MB Data (2G/3G)672 Days
100 MB/day (2G/3G)796 Days
1 GB Data (2G/3G)882 Days
1.5 GB Data (2G/3G)1295 Days
750 MB Data (2G/3G)19828 Days
1 GB Data (2G/3G)22825 Days
1 GB Data (2G/3G)23828 Days
1.2 GB Data (2G/3G)25528 Days
1.5 GB Data (2G/3G)29628 Days
2.5 GB Data (2G/3G)39928 Days
4 GB Data (2G/3G)49728 Days
6 GB Data (2G/3G)69728 Days
15 GB Data (2G/3G)139728 Days


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Rate Cutters

Description      AmountValidity
19 minutes Local and STD calls122 Days
30 Local Aircel to Aircel Mins+ 30 (Local+STD) A2A SMS132 Days
40 Local A2A Mins+ 40 (Local+STD) A2A SM153 Days
STD A2A @20p/min to NE, Karnataka, Maharastra, TN1630 Days
All local Calls @ 1.35p/sec, STD 1.5p/sec, LL 3p/sec1745 Days

Bangladesh @ 2.20/min, US/Canada/UK(fixed)@ Re1/min, Nepal @ 6.99/min, UAE @8/min, Saudi(F) @6.99/m, Saudi (M) @ 6.99/min, [email protected]/min, Singapore @1.2/min, [email protected]/min, [email protected]/min, Kuwait @ 6.99/min

1914 Days
All Local A-A calls @ 10p/min (1st 60 sec call of the day @1.6p/sec)245 Days
80 Local A2A Mins274 Days
All Local & STD calls @ 40p/min, Local SMS @ Rs 1,& National SMS @ Rs 1.5; LL Rs 1.8/min2812 Days
STD A2A @15p/min All Local @ 40p/min & US/Canada/UK (Fixed) @ Re1/min3421 Days
65 Min All Local calls355 Days
120 Local A2A minutes365 Days
All Local Calls @ 30p/m, STD Mobile at Base Rate, LL Rs 1.8/min5521 Days
All Local Calls @ 30p/m, STD Mobile at Base Rate, LL Rs 1.8/min6328 Days
All Local Calls @ 30p/m, All STD 50p/min, LL Rs 1.8/min7435 Days
120 minutes for All Local & STD calls7512 Days
Unlimited Local A-A calling excluding 5 pm-11 pm994 Days
200 Local Mins10514 Days
Unlimited Local A-A calling excluding 5 pm-11 pm1457 Days
300 Local & STD Mins14928 Days
Unlimited STD A2A19414 Days
Unlimited Local A-A calling excluding 5 pm-11 pm19914 Days
Unlimited Local A-A calling , 1GB 2G Data34928 Days



107.73 Talktime – 7.73
3023.2 Talktime – 23.20
5040.67 Talktime – 40.67
6969 Full Talktime + 69 A-A mins valid for 15 Days
7058.14 Talktime – 58.14
9075.6 Talktime – 75.6
120118 Talktime – 118
130128 Talktime – 128
135150 Extra Talktime + 150 MB 2G Data.(Talktime in DA account from which charging will be as per main a/c for all calls & SMS)
139139 Full Talktime + 1 LA2A min Night Calling 11:00 pm – 6:00 am ( 1 Day Validity )
150150 Full Talktime
170175 Extra Talktime
200201 Extra Talktime
220222 Extra Talktime
230235 Extra Talktime
250255 Extra Talktime
330345 Extra Talktime
500550 Extra Talktime
10001150 Extra Talktime


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SMS Packs

90 Local/National SMS97 Days
450 Local/National SMS3330 Days


ISD Packs


Bangladesh @ 2.20/min, US/Canada/UK(fixed) @ Re1/min, Nepal @ 6.99/min,
UAE @8/min, Saudi(F) @6.99/m, Saudi (M) @ 6.99/min, [email protected]/min,
Singapore @1.2/min, [email protected]/min, [email protected]/min, Kuwait @ 6.99/min

1914 Days


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Data Card Plan

Rs 49 TT + 50 MB 3G/2G data2849
Rs 50 TT + 100 MB 3G/2G data2864
Rs 79 + 500 MB 3G/2G Data2879
Rs 90 + 150 MB 3G/2G Data2895
Rs 48 + 1GB 3G/2G Data30155
Rs 146.8+ 1GB 3G/2G Data30249
2GB Upfront and 1GB/Month for next 2 Months90295
2 GB90601


Limited Packs

Free Datacharges / KBValidity
NA1 GB2112810p/10kb
NA1 GB2814810p/10kb


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Unlimited Packs

High Speed (2G/ 3G)Validity (Days)Amount Rs
100 MB/day1079
100 MB/day30249
500 Mb/day15395
6 GB28697
10 GB28997
15 GB281397


Web Exclusive Data Product

DataTypeValidity DaysAmount Rs
1.2 GBLimited28193
2.4 GBNon Stop28393
7.2 GBNon Stop28693
12 GBNon Stop28993


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ISD Packs

Bangladesh @ 2.20/min
US/Canada/UK(fixed)@ Re1/min
Nepal @ 6.99/min
UAE @8/min
Saudi(F) @6.99/m
Saudi (M) @ 6.99/min
[email protected]/min
Singapore @1.2/min
[email protected]/min
[email protected]/min
Kuwait @ 6.99/min
14 Days19
First 500 STD A2A Minutes @10p/min Thereafter charges are 40p/min.
All Local @ 40p/min & US/Canada/UK (Fixed) @ Re1/min
21 Days34


Aircel SMS Pack In Assam Circle

SMS DescriptionValidityAmount
90 Local + National SMS7 Days9
450 Local + National SMS30 Days33
1000 Local + National SMS28 Days66


In addition to Assam Telecom Circle, Aircel has also established its store for the convenience of Indian citizens. Aircel serves across 23 telecom circles in India, these are Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand, Chennai, Delhi, Gujarat, and Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, Mumbai, Maharashtra, and Goa, Madhya Pradesh, North East, Orissa, Punjab, UP East, UP West and West Bengal, from these circles 13 states are served with the 3G services. Aircel has established its network in almost every India state. The company has devised various helpline channels to facilitate its subscribers.

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Aircel Prepaid is the fifth biggest and fastest growing GSM mobile network operator in India. Aircel Prepaid Assam Recharge Plans are designed to meet the calling needs of customers and services like SMS packs, 2G, 3G wireless services, ISD packs, tariff plans, roaming packs, mobile plans, broadband and other value-added-services. The company offer other service which include Pocket Internet 24, Pocket internet games, Pocket payment, Aircel Pocket Apps, My aircel, Missed call alert, dialer tune etc. we update this information about Aircel Prepaid Assam Recharge Plans almost daily. So stay connected to our web portal for latest offers.


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