Cyber Security Violation: 6 Lakh Debit Cards blocked by SBI

Cyber Security Violation 6 Lakh Debit Cards blocked by SBISBI, the country’s largest bank and its subsidiary banks blocked about 6.25 lakh debit cards of their customers after “suspicious” transactions spiked at third-party ATM machines. Following this Cyber Security Violation, 6 Lakh Debit Cards are blocked by SBI. On Wednesday State Bank of India said it had blocked debit cards of “certain customers”, and was issuing them new cards, in “precautionary” measures after being informed of potential risks to those cards.


Cyber Security Violation: 6 Lakh Debit Cards blocked by SBI

Card holder are not being aware of the fact so they are subsequently being informed through E-Mails and SMSes, alearting them about the blockage and requesting them to apply for new cards at their respective branches. So “Customers don’t need to panic. They can either approach to their branch, call up phone banking or use the internet for ‘re-carding’. They can also set their PINs from their homes using internet banking,” told by the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of SBI Shiv Kumar Bhasin.

All Banks Vigilant

If reports have to be believed in an interview, Bhasin also stated that the RBI does not require banks to report to the public about any security breach in their network. Without naming the bank Bhasin also said that, the Bank who’s ATMs has been infected must come forward and declare about those infected ATMs. The responsibility is on them only to stop it. He also added that till the time the problem is addressed customers who are using their cards in the ATMs of affected banks will continue to be at risk.

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Getting in touch with SBI customer he said that SBI branches told them to issue the new debit cards can take up to three weeks. This means they will have to go to the branch for cash requirements and they won’t be able to do anything using the debit card online for the particular period of time. He also said, customers of other banks are also likely to be affected by security breach which occurred in an ATM network so anybody using affected network is at the risk.

Debit Cards blocked by SBI

According to numbers on RBI website, the total number of debit cards issued by the SBI alone was 20.27 crore till July-end. Of those, 0.25% or about 5.07 lakh cards have been blocked. Including those from SBI’s subsidiary banks — State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, State Bank of Travancore and State Bank of Patiala — about 25 crore debit cards were issued.

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